In addition to helping photographers display their prints, we try to help store them. To that end we offer Lineco Photo Storage Boxes that are museum quality, acid free, and use metal reinforced corners to prevent crushing. Thru the end of September’07, APUG members can use promo code AP59S7 on our checkout page for 15% off our photo storage boxes. This discount is in addition to our already low prices and our volume discounts (start at qty 2). For instance, if you buy four 11x14 storage boxes your price is just $9.83 which is 47% off the manufacturer retail price of $18.85. We also sell acid free tissue (coupon applies) which can be used to layer between your photos. In addition, the acid-free tissue can be used for stacking inkjet prints while they are allowed to dry.

This photograph storage box can be used to store prints, negatives, scrapbooks, photo albums and other art documents. In addition to being used as a photo storage box they can be used for things like comic or magazine storage boxes. We carry them in standard photo sizes as well as some inkjet paper sizes: 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 11x17, 13x19, 22x30, and 16x20 storage box. Our archival storage box is 3 inches deep, with black exterior, white interior and composed of buffered acid-free board.