I never liked the idea of critiques, unless the photograph presented is that of a very new person and glaring technical faults can be pointed out to improve the shot next time I find it very hard to critique photographs by people who are experienced. As lee pointed out, there are many what if and why didn't you comments. Frankly I loose patience with this, once I am done in the darkroom the picture is exactly as I want it. If someone comments on the content, saying this makes me feel like.....fine I can live with that, but when people start telling me to print darker here, or lighter there or why are the leaves so dark?....well I just tune them out. This is the problem I saw in many clubs, people critiquing me were many times much less capable than I, so I tried to be polite but in the most part their comments were in one ear and out the other. OTOH I had the opportunity to get some commnents by a couple of well known photographers by incredible coincidence, and that was really cool. Most of the things they said were right on target and one even commented on my matting. I had done the mounting and matting and I had not burnished the edges of the matt, he simply grabbed a burnishing tool and went at it in all my prints...lol...He then said, never miss any details in your presentation, even the smallest one makes an impression....now, that to me was a lesson! I like this kind of comments, where someone obviously much more experienced than I shows me some little thing that makes a world of difference.

Recently there was a thread along the same lines in that other site, and I think Jay said it best, consider the source.