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Using 1ml dichromate per liter for the print, it takes 18 minutes to develop a N negative in WD2D. Using 4ml it takes 12.5 minutes. I don't think I could do a N+ negative with no dichromate or the 1ml per liter stock. Using 5% dichromate: the difference from 1ml to 4ml is significant.

Standardizing on the 4ml dichromate per liter developer stock, I can proof with AZO, if I flash the print and use a water bath.

Hi Phil,

What film are you working with and how are you processing it? I have no problem getting enough negative contrast using HP5+ or TMAX 400 and PyroCat-HD with non dichromated sodium citrate. Looking at my paper curves of toned kallitypes I'm seeing an ES of about 1.28 (I still have a few curves with other toners to plot.). I've not tried to proof with AZO so I'm not sure what advantage that you gain there.