I was told once by a respected photographer to never ask a photographer what he thinks of your work... They can only tell you how THEY would have done it different. They are telling you about their photograph NOT yours.

As has been said earlier, your vision is the sacred vision. You must grow and learn to see better -- with each roll of film.

I took some pictures into a gallery not really expecting much more than some insight from a gallery's point of view. All I got was "you're not edgy enough". This from an about 26 yr old Art School Grad. Well I did learn I'm not edgy.

I have put up one photo in the APUG critique gallery and every response was to the point and very helpful. I haven't submitted the new version because on my monitor at least, you can't really see whats different. But the point is I provided an intent to the photo that wasn't happening.

Perhaps it would be a better critique if the intent were made of what that vision was all about. Why did I even bother to point my camera at that subject. What was I thinking, what was I seeing. It would probably make us all better at that vision thing if we tried to articulate it in words.