Almost every magazine is paid for by the advertising - how do you think they make their money?

In many, many cases, the actual "editorial" content is really just a vehicle for attracting subscribers to attract more advertising. This is especially so in the case of the likes of Vogue, Elle etc, and in many ways, some of the photo magazines too (I notice recently for example that Outdoor Photographer, I think it was, appears more and more to have been basically re-cycling old articles from a few years ago (something some of the others have been doing since about the 50's&#33

Something like Harpers or Adbusters (great photography) is at the other end of the scale - such magazines are often supported by a foundation (DoubleTake - which lost a few million ion it's first few years) or someone's personal fortune.

If you are ever around a small start-up magazine, no matter how noble it's intent, first order of business is usually ADVERTISERS! Magazines don't usually pay for themselves with subscriptions.