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Sam H., what about dry mounting the print...
Hi Keith,
Dry mounting is just fine, or wet mounting is fine. The problem is NOT with the method of mounting as much as they do not like the idea of a .008" thick 3.4" x 4.2" print being mounted on a larger sized 3.5" x 5.5" .008" thick backing card. I surmise that the .008" step of the print on the backer might cause a problem in their sorting machines. So what I've done is mount a 3.5" x 5.5" decorative border on to the backer. This border is .008" thick, the same as a P-roid print. The center of this border is cut out in a 2.8" x 3.7" window. I trim the white borders off the P-roid print, making it 2.8" x 3.7", stick it to the backer in the window cut in the decorative border. This way the P-roid is in a decorative window mat and NOT sticking above the surface of the larger post office approved size card. A lot more work, but it does not stop me from sending a P-roid postcard.
Sam H.