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That is the goal -- but first we have to become profitable. Currently hemoraging money. Within a year we hope to have several versions of each issue available -- the goal is for the 75dpi downloadable versions to continue to be free, while high-res CD-ROM and print-on-demand versions will be for sale. If I can find a willing graphic designer to convert Issues 1-3 into the new vertical format, we can then offer a book version of the entire Volume 1 -- all six issues in one bound volume.

Until then wish us luck (and do try to support us -- for without your support we cannot possibly survive).

And lastly: we are actively looking for medium and large format photography to showcase in our magazine. Send pmail to editor "at" magnachrom "dot" com with a contribution proposal.


I love your e-zine! Let me count the ways:

1) You are about the only guy that will review a product and tell the bloody truth! Just because a product may have a wart or two doesn't mean it shouldn't be bought and used. It just helps a lot to know about them up front. I just ordered a new Gaoersi Pro Set handheld 4x5 based largely on your very honest review. I also bought a roll of metal tape<g>.

2) You have really interesting 'mod' articles. I just bought an aquarium air pump and I'm about to upgrade some film holders to vacuum holders. What a great articles that was. Do your modified holders still work?

3) You publish people I know from APUG: Jorge Gasteazoro, Sandy King. I thought Jorge did a great job and I recognized Sandy's prints having seen them at P.F. in Montana.

4) It's free. Personally, I'd pay for the online access! I think you should consider charging for Vol 2 and onwards. Leave Vol 1 as an enticement but you sound like you need to generate cash. I am not sure a book will do it (but I will buy it when it comes out). The task of publishing a paper edition is a big hassle, just ask the Emulsion folks.

5) More than a few times, I look thru an issue and see one or two articles on topics that I've often wondered about but never saw covered anywhere else.

6) Your digital articles remind me how awful it would be to work at a computer all day and then work for hours at one in my 'darkroom'.

7) The accessibility of the reader gallery is a real treat without all the philophical handcuffs that LensWork imposes. I may take you up on your submission request.

Thanks for your great work. Please find a way for me to subscribe to something - I feel guilty getting all this great stuff for free.