Also, you'll want to keep issues like the size of the shutter and such in mind. Your Wisner can probably handle anything in a Copal #3 shutter, if the rear lens cell fits through the front frame and you don't mind carrying it around, and maybe even an Ilex #4, but probably not anything in an Ilex/Acme/Betax #5 shutter. A long, fast non-tele lens might be heavy and difficult to work with, but slower lenses like the G-Clarons and Fujinon-C or older Goerz Artars are relatively compact.

Though tele designs can be a little less intuitive to work with as far as tilt goes (because the optical node of the lens is actually way out in front of the physical lens), what you lose in sharpness due to the design compromise inherent in teles, you might gain back in camera stability (at least if you are not using a two-tripod arrangement or extra stabilizing arm), because they don't require as much bellows extension.