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I hate to say this here, but the CHEAPEST, would be to get a cheap Epson Perfection XXXX scanner (they have had 4 models so you should be able to get a cheap older on....in fact I am selling one that is in o.k. shape if interested), scan the slide, and then save it to CD for output on Frontier machine. You get Crystal Archive paper. Real photo paper. None of this inkjet crap. You can control the image, and you can get the cost down, if you do most of the prep work yourself (very easy to do with PhotoSlop), to Just a couple of bucks or less per image for an 8x10.

That is the CHEAPEST way to go.....
I'm not familiar with "Frontier machine" Is this something that most labs have?

I have heard of problems with pixelation in labs that do digital scans and then print. I'm guessing you get the same thing here. But it is probably cheaper...

But don't you have to drop $250 or more to get the 32bit version of photoshop? Or is the photoshop lite that comes with the scanner adequate?