here is a link to some of the Info I gather with regards to Gijon work shops .
It will be great if you can pass this out to get peoples Ideas and see if we can get more participants we are looking at the third week of June

Dick Arentz schedule has change and he can no longer do the work shop on June but he does Inc case you are Interested !! do his workshop lecture on October or November of next year this is from hes web page .
Palladium Printing from Digital Negatives

This is an opportunity to learn palladium printing from digitally generated negatives from two recognized experts in their fields. Each is the author of a definitive text on their subjects. Dick will cover the basics of Pt/Pd printing with emphasis on techniques of coating and contrast control. Mark will teach his methods of optimizing the generation of a digital negative specific for the ink jet printer, paper and contrast mixture to be used. Both Dick and Mark will follow up with computer and chemical techniques to perfect the print until it expresses the unique vision of the photographer. Fee: $925.00

Also Keith Taylor may be avaliable to take his place or do a separate workshop on 3 color gum and pt/pl his work and site are at .
check it out and let me know