Jorge, Fuji presently makes two 125 lenses. The 125 SW has an image circle of 280mm. The 125 CM-W has an image circle of 204mm. I doubt that either one would cover your format, even stopped down at extreme close- up. Coincidentally, I received a Fuji 125 CM-W yesterday. Jim, at Midwest Photo, found a pristine used one in Tokyo and brought it back for me. I plan on using it as my prime lens on the Toyo CF that I have on order. It is small enough to remain on the camera when folded. My wife will be using the new Toyo. I think she will be able to adapt to it much easier than the Shen Hao I bought for her a few months ago. The Shen Hao has so many movements on the rear standard it is difficult for her to operate. The pictures and specs. of the new Toyo remind me of the old Speed Graphic I owned from 1948-1952. Interesting, Toyo mentions that they borrowed some design features from that camera.