Time for the next round?! Sign up by 1 Nov 2007 and prints to arrive by the end of Jan 2008!

For this round please specify if you class yourself - or others do for those that are shy - as: (B)eginner (I)ntermediate or (E)xpert which will help in putting the groups together to ensure an even spread - again every attempt will be made to put people into new groups! Groups will be of 4 or 5 individuals each sending an image to all of the others in their group. No restrictions on process - as long as its an alt one, nor on size or presentation!

As there is now a hybrid forum and bearing in mind that this is an analogue forum I need to ask that the entire process must be analogue. Whilst I have no beef with digital negs and am exploring this route myself we need to be true to this forum and ask if anyone has strong feelings on this then the best way forward would be to start a print exchange on the hybrid forum where in time I hope to join in!

Please also include your first name if not your full name as well as your apug moniker to make things easier to communicate.

All the best folks, Carl