Don't forget that a lot of the big name makers of film based cameras and lenses, film etc. will be there. I know that Leica, HP Marketing (Linhof, Rodenstock, Kaiser, Novoflex, etc.), Canham Cameras, Schneider USA, Rollei (I think), Hasselblad, Arca Swiss, Nikon, Canon, MAC (Mamiya, Toyo, Tenba, etc), Bogen Imaging (Gitzo, Manfrotto, Metz, etc.), Fuji, Kodak, Harman (Ilford)..... will be there.

Also Calumet should be there. Additionally Ries Tripods should be there as well as Tamron. There are many many others that will be there as well as many of the Photo magazines, Light Impressions (and others of their ilk), etc.

There will also be much more there as well as the digital suppliers and makers for those interested (though not discussed here at APUG).