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No problem with the delay, Mark, but maybe it's time for an update. Who is in the group(s?), and what's the format at this point? Is the plan for one person to create a set of identical negs for the whole group, and we'll print enough prints for the whole group? Or are we going traveling portfolio style with negs and prints moving around in a circle from person to person, and then do we do one neg per round, or what?
My group
Me David Goldfarb

yep that is it folks.

I have not heard what Eric is doing with his list.

Due to the fact that the processing gods are hating me right now I cannot get two negs of the same scene without one being damaged. I am sending two different negs out. When you get finished printing one you will send it to the next person. Their address will be on the Sleeve. They inturn will send the neg they got to you. I know this is not what was discussed. If this is a problem say so.

If one of you wants to go next just say so. Otherwise I got silverpixles name on the list as number two in the list so he can go. then you.

The original idea was to send two negs out of the same scene, one to the other two members of the list. SInce the group is small one will suffice I guess. I obviously did not do this so the rules are pretty loose. You print a copy for each member of the group. When everything is done and the negatives are back in their home file we send the prints to people. We wait so that no one, like me, is swayed in their interpretation. I have no scanner so would not be able to individually post my own prints for the world, but others could so the community can see the differences.

Please remember that I am a novice and the negs are not the best in the world. If you find them a hassel or unprintable please say so. I need help, and advice anyway I can get it.

Lets see how these negs go, as a trial run, before deciding if we should all send negs at the same time to the other members, or keep it as one person sending the negs at a time.

When you get my negs there will be a little note on the sleeve to handle with care and to keep out of reach of children. This is not to you folks. You know how to handle negatives. It is just something I do.

I hope this answers all of your questions.