APUG UK Print Exchange Round 9.

Hi everyone, I think it's about time that we kicked off round 9 of the UK Print Exchange. First off, if you signed up for round 8 but have not yet received a print can you inform me via PM. Anyone, who hasn't met their round 8 commitment will be excluded from this and future exchanges until they have sent their print. Secondly, you have just ONE week to sign up for this round.

Exchange rules are as follows:

Please register interest on this thread AND send the address you want the print sent to via PM to me (with subject line "UK round 9" please). Interest should be registered by SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER after which I will place all names in a hat and pick them out at random. I have kept a record of round 8's matches so I'll make sure that people send prints to different people this round.

You will then receive a PM with the address of the person that you should send your print to.

Your details will have been passed to another in the group who should send you a print.

You will not be expected to send a print to the person that sends you one - just to the name and address that you have been provided with.

1. Your print must have originated from a film/ in-camera paper negative (eg no digital process at any point please), but any intermediate traditional stages are acceptable .
2. Your print should be on 10x8 paper (or larger if you wish, just dont expect others to send you anything bigger than 10 x 8 ).
3. Paper type and finish is your choice, as is the subject.
4. The image may be any size or format.
5. Inkjet prints or computer manipulated images are ineligible.
6. The addition of explanatory notes is optional, but your recipient may appreciate some background information, and if you do not say who it is from, they cannot thank you for it.
7. Enjoy the experience.
8. There is no expectation for critiques or comments to be made, although there is nothing to stop you asking for this if you wish.
9. Failure to honor the agreement and not send a print will result in a strike, 3 strikes and your out. Past failings will be counted.

If you have a spare copy of your print then Simon Galley at Ilford / Harmon Technology would love to see it. I'm sure Simon will put it on the company notice board for everyone to see. Simon's address is:

HARMAN technology Limited,
Town Lane,
WA16 7JL

Marked : For the attention of Simon.R.Galley