Interesting topic. An intellectual discussion on a subject that cannot be resolved.

Art, pornography, politics, religion, wonderful topics. Debating them is fun but they only define the peope debating and not the topic themselves. We live in a free society, free exchange of ideas, for adults. Let's keep it that way. If you see something you like you can call it what you like. If you wish to hang it on your wall go ahead. If you don't, don't. As long as you don't tell me what I can like, we will all be happy.

Some people hang their childrens "art" on their refrigerator, is this any less "art" than what they could buy for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is it any less precious to them? Is the confusion of old or antique compared to new and original part of the problem. Old equals good, new equals maybe, we'll see in a few years.

It's all a part of what makes life interesting. Lighten up.

Just an opinion.

Michael McBlane