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3. How do you sort them? By subject, date, or film format?
Others have made good suggestion on the other items, so I will just address one. This is a issue I have struggled with for years; at one time I used a year/image no stamp, but found the images were too tied to a date. I have since come to a couple of conclusions:

1.) Use a category system that makes sense for the type of photography you do. I am primarily a landscape person, so I prefix my images with a code (AU - Australia, NZ - New Zealand, JO - Jordan, HI - Hawaii, etc.) and an image number. If you do people photos, you could try a code for the type (wedding, portrait, etc.).

2.) Find yourself a good computer program (I'm a programmer, so I have a custom program I wrote myself). It's strength should be in searching. Some of the newer programs seem to be tied into thumbnails, but have minimal searching/catagorizing capability.

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