I just did some interesting figures regarding 8x10" MGIV RC paper in this country.

I have often bought the 250 sheet packs as they were the cheapest way to buy this product. Worked out at $1.04 a sheet.

However after finding the 120 sheets in the 100 sheet promotional packs that became the cheapest. Worked out at $0.98 a sheet.

Now I see that there are 25 sheet packets with an extra 10 sheets, purchasing 4 packets and ending up with 140 sheets, the cost will be $0.91 a sheet.

This is obviously the way to go, pity it isn't as very well known about in stores. I'll be in my local store on Saturday morning, I will enquire, and/or place an order for when they do come in.

I need about 500 sheets so 15 packets will be a nice round figure. Also, the students I have, will be able to afford more easily, these smaller packets which is good, but not the greatest at storing, which is what used 100 sheet boxes are perfect for!