I'm looking for some feedback and ideas for christmas/winter greeting cards. I sort of know what I want the final product to be (enlarged negative 4x5" cyanotype on watercolour paper, folded over to be a card) but I don't know what to do for a photo that looks cold and wintery because Southern England doesn't particularly get wintery and christmassy looking At least not for me as I'm from New England, USA originally... where's the snow? It's hard to even find ice to photograph!
I resorted to trying to photograph cubes of ice in an old coffee maker jug... Some of them look quite nice but I don't think they look wintery... summery if anything (nice, icy cold drink!).

I really don't want to do the cheesy pictures of me and my husband that everyone else seems to send out. As my husband just pointed out, we're hideously ugly, we wouldn't want to show everyone that