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We don't do snow any more; you're in the tropics now you know.
I have lived in Dave's part of England since 1978. The last and only time we had snow at Xmas( in fact just a week before Xmas) was 1978. In London forget it completely. Only Charles( Dickens that is) can remember any snow in London, along with Ebenezer and three ghosts.

I don't know what cyanotypes are capable of but if ordinary scenes are OK some of the National Trust properties do Xmas fayres in December. Everyone looks Dickensian and jolly. A bit cheesy really but it depends to whom the cards will be sent i.e. how they see Xmas in England.

If it's reality you want, try pics of 20somethings binge drinking with Santa Claus hats on. Xmas office parties usually start in early Dec.

Alternatively and based on my rant above and Dickens there is always me with a bowl of gruel, saying Bah Humbug.