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Surely you can agree, though, Dan - that a photograph can still be an 'exact replica' (i.e. deadpan documentary shot) of what's in front of the lens and still be HIGHLY artistic...? I think we're getting into territory here which is HIGHLY dependent on rhetoric to describe it - so I think that's a problem.

I also think that one could say that ANY photograph is, by definition, a denial of an accurate rendition of something. A photograph is always a HIGHLY subjective take on something. I think you can have a photo that has a 'look' that we ASSOCIATE with 'objectivity' or the semantic of scientific photography... but beyond that all you can really do is try to effectively illustrate one or another surface quality of a given subject.
OF course a record shot can be good art too. But it doesn't have to be.

That said, I don't agree that it no photography can render the subject accurately. If that's what you meant.