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In an earlier post on the subject I wrote "I am trying to develop three sheets of 7x17 at a time in a 3063 drum. Currently I do two sheets at a time in combined 2560 & 2830 tanks. My goal of course is to develop more sheets in the same amount of time with the same quality." If you can do that I am interested.

John Powers
I had JOBO make me two polycarbonate inserts for JOBO print drums while they were available. One for 11x14 and another for 12x20 and only used each about twice. The reason was simply because it took so much time to develop each sheet of film and efficiency was paramount to me in my quest to make photographs. Many of us have families and full time jobs so we do not have unlimited time to spend in the darkroom.

I soon discovered that I needed to learn to tray develop sheet film with precision to get the most out of my darkroom time and once I figured out how to accomlish this objective things started to kick into gear. I shortly got to the point where In 30 minutes I could process 12 ULF negatives (12x20, 11x14 or 8x20) in two batches of six with no scratches or other problems. I would be lucky to get two processed with the inserts in that time and while the inserts would certainly do a good job, the trays accomplished the stated objective every bit as well.

At the end of the day it is about accomplishing the objective of making photographs and as we all know there are many diverse ways to get this done.

Just my $0.02