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I guess my point is that cameras don't make pictures...

true. but some cameras when a picture is created with them have a certain signature and characteristic.

Thats what a holga gives the photographer. So I would take the Holga over the other ones you listed if I were looking/seeking that holga-feel or holga character.

Its small plastic and readily available. I can replace it for $20. I can rip out the shutter and make is a lenscap long exposure camera with a nut glued to the bottom..... or take off the lens and replace it with a pinhole. Or manually wind the camera halfway between frames and create overlapping panoramics that run the entire length of the roll. such as this.

those things are simply done with a holga..... could possibly be done with a slew of other cameras but the holga is readily available and marketably easily accesible. Yes the polaroid, ikonta, or fuji and many others could do these things but Holgas are available at MANY places and that makes them more popular. I dont have to worry if I drop mine in a river as Im wading neck high through it or if I get cigarette ash on it at a concert. I can just as easily replace it by going to the photo place downtown.