Interesting that everyone wants to go off to some distant and unknown place. In creative writing classes one often starts from the principle, "write what you know," and I think many of the best visual works are made on that principle as well. There was more to Weston's famous statement about not photographing anything more than 100 yards from the car than not wanting to lug the big camera around. His best photographs are of people he knew, stuff around the house, and landscapes that he visited repeatedly. I think I'd like more time to think about stuff around the house. One of my favorite photographs is of a paper grocery bag by Abelardo Morell.

On the other hand, I sometimes photograph things I don't know as a way of getting to know them. I started photographing birds in the city because I had long heard that New York was an interesting birding spot and felt I should learn a little more about the natural history of my immediate surroundings. I guess that is a combination of staying within 100 yards of the (subway) car and photographing something I don't quite feel that I know.

My wife grew up in Hawai'i, and I've been there twice, and I'd like to do more photography there. I felt I did some productive work on Moloka'i last summer (which can be seen in the Traveling Portfolio, by the way) and would like to develop that into a longer project.