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OK, so (cost not an issue) if you could have a Fuji GS645 folder (about the same size as a Holga, but with a much better lense) or a Holga, which would you choose? The Holga does 6x6 with vignetting, whereas the Fuji does 6x4.5, but it has a far better lense and meter and rangefinder.
I dont use holga because they are cheap, I use them because they are holgas, and in this case, I do beleive that the camera goes a long way to making the picture, ... in the right hands of course. When using the Holga, i am not constrained by anything - focus is hit and miss, the viewfinder is useless, so framing doesnt bother me too much either, i have got my development times for overcast, normal and bright days off, i only use one type of film, and I shoot away - nothing is more simple. I save my mental gymnastics and intense concentration for teh darkroom and my other cameras and spot metering shenanigans.

I'm sure there are very few , if any, holga users who bought them as a cheap alternative to a camera with a meter etc ... surely not?

of course, the holga isnt the only tool of this ilk, theres the Diana (and her clones), the coronet 4x4 mk II etc etc.

Let us praise the plastic.