I have recently started to develope my own colour film using Paterson Photocolor II and a standard developing tank. The results have been fairly good.

I have now aquired a Jobo Duolab which uses a rotating drum and only half the developer. What I would like to know is if there is any adjustment on times I should make to allow for the continuous agitation and smaller amount of chemicals.

I asked this question in the B/W forum and someone kindly replied and told me that with continuous agitation times should be reduced by 10-15%. I just wondered if the same applies to colour developing.

My second question concerns the shelf life of colour developer. I bought two litres of developer from a local photographic supplier and when I got them home they had been opened and used; one was quite dark and looked as if it had been opened for some time. The supplier has refunded my money but I still have the developers and to be honest one bottle seems okay but when I tried the second second bottle the film seemed extreemy underdeveloped Which I put down to the age of the opened developer.

All this is not to try to get something for nothing but to try and increase my knowledge of home processing by experimentation. All answers on the above would be very gratefully received.