Since I'm working a lot in the panoramic format right now, and want to see as many different artists as I can, I have decided to extend a call for entries for a panoramic-only exhibit to be held on the campus of Utah State University, in Logan, Utah to be held from January 5-12, 2008.

The Twain-Tippets Art Gallery is a space approximately 2500 square feet in size with multiple partitions to hang work from. I have arranged to have the gallery for one week in January. It is the first week students will be back on campus from Christmas Break, so there will be a fair amount of exposure to them.

We only get a week because it is an on-campus gallery and there are other students/faculty/guest exhibitors who use the space regularly.

If you are interested, let me know. I am thinking of having a few 'restrictions'.

There is no restriction as to method of image capture or output. Analog and digital will be presented side-by-side.

Preference would definitely be given to any ULF, alt and/or hybrid methods.

I'm also considering making it a print-exchange also...meaning you will not recieve back the print you sent in. (still under consideration...)

In order to make it affordable to both give and mail prints, I'm also going to ask that they not be matted or mounted, but sent in a roll-tube.

The show will be 'lightly-juried' meaning that there will be some help from Craig Law (a photography professor at USU), in deciding who is in and who is out. Honestly, if you submit a print, it'll probably get in.

A small fee (undecided as of yet) will be charged to cover return postage. I would ask that the materials you send your print inside of could also be re-used to return prints to others.

Let me know if there are any suggestions I might do to modify this 'call for entries' and to make the show more sucessful.

I've never curated a show before, so not only is this new territory as to how to do a call for entries, but also in the exhibiting of the images.

Oh, and keep it up!

Michael Slade

Entries should be sent to:

Michael Slade - Panorama Show
c/o Art Department
4000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT