There are some valid questions. I suppose if you didn't want your print to be part of the print exchange, then you could opt out of that portion of it. I can't imagine that APUG members would want to trade a pt/pd print for a measly inkjet print, so that would be your perrogative.

On the contrary, you wouldn't be forced to enter something that had actual monetary value for you...perhaps you have something a little that you actually *might* consider entering into a print-exchange type of a show?

I also have some 12x20's that I was considering entering, and I'm not too concerned about giving it away. I'm also going to be doing some solarplate gravures from dig. negatives and in-camera negatives. I wouldn't be entering something I didn't want to exchange for if I were you.

Like I said, that portion of the show is under consideration, but to be fair you aren't forced to submit anything.

JB you can bring your print to my home in Riverton if you'd like. It would be fun to get together anyhow.