I just picked up one of these as a very cheap alternative to a jobo system, and upon putting it together have discovered a few limitations that someone must have a workaround for...

In "film" mode you're supposed to to inversion processing - duh! There's a motor all set up for rotary processing paper. There MUST be a way to do rotary processing of film on it. Has anyone figured out how to mount the older style system 4 tanks (pre-super system 4)? They fit the motor end perfectly, but there's no way to support the other end.

I guess I could just use it as a thermostatic water bath but again there's a catch: the cups only hold 300ml - enough for 1 35mm, but a pain for anything else... unless you can rotary process it!

If anyone has/had one of these are there any tricks for processing film on it efficiently, or is it just a lame design?