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Michael, what is the purpose of the 'show'? Is it to sell prints - possibly, or just demonstrate ulf, photography in general, etc. etc.
Hi Scott,

The purpose of the show is to get work hung together that shares a common theme...in this case the common theme is the panoramic format. It's not necessarily to demonstrate ULF (although there will be a few ULF prints for sure). A show to demonstrate photography in general typically does not include a wide variety of panoramas.

This venue is in 'small town' Utah. There may be the occasional patron who will come in and fall in love with your print and want to purchase it. I would not hold my breath though, the majority of those who will see your work will be students and faculty. Read: poor and cheap

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The reason being is that I am a big believer in the 'finished' print. I never let a print go out that hasn't been properly matted and mounted...i.e a finished print...whether it's for show or 'tell'. If we want to demonstrate the 'art' of photography and the magical quality of ULF and contact prints, might I suggest a different approach?
The reason I decided to ask for unmounted prints was to make it easy for folks to ship larger prints, and easy for those prints to be sent back out as part of an exchange.

I understand your hesitation to send in an 'unfinished' print. I admire your passion to show your work at its best. There have been several who have expressed both a wish to not participate in the print exchange portion of the exhibit, and also want to show their work framed.

I would suggest that you could participate with a print you consider 'finished' with the understanding that you would recieve your print back in it's original shipping container provided there is adequate return postage or a shipping invoice filled out.

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The other issue is that you are only dealing with a week which is tough to get adequate exposure?
Agreed. It's not nearly long enough for me, but beggars can't be choosers. The gallery space is available free of charge, which appeals to me (since I am both a student *and* faculty, which makes me poor *and* cheap).

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Just some thoughts. Again, meant to be constructive, please..

I am only tyring to help here....and I would eliminate print exchange as it will only make things more difficult for you...just one more headache you don't need.
I understand completely, and do appreciate your comments and suggestions. I am deciding to make the print exchange portion 'optional'.

Thanks again,