I enjoyed a gorgeous day en route to Peter's Valley this past afternoon. I hiked to a waterfall with just a viewing card and found that I could make some worthwhile exposures there next time. I also visited Buttermilk Falls (just a trickle) and Walpack Center which is visually quite rich. I then took myself to Peter's Valley for the Clyde Butcher show.

Disappointing!! The prints were inkjets (okay...he called them giclees...but, as I said...they were inkjets) however exceptionally well done. The disappointing part was that the images were 'captured' on enormous film negatives but were then scanned and outputted to a digital printer rather than contact printed or enlarged by hand. There were 16 photographs on the walls, but only two were....I assume since there was no other attribution...'real' darkroom prints, and they may well have been on RC paper since they looked that way when viewed to reveal their texture. So I was disappointed that all were not the 'real' thing. Still, the man makes wonderful images of what would easily be cliched, quotidian views when photographed by 'civilians'.