I don't have any particular stories to tell either. I do mostly landscapes out of the city, but there are some places here on the island where I just don't feel safe. My favorite place on the island is the Leeward side, but it is the most economically depressed and I obviously don't look like a local boy. There are other places where the homeless and Hawaiian activists have decided they have a right to live on the beach - it takes the city years before it will do anything. When I go out I have just learned to watch out for other people and don't setup if anyone is there.

I remember once incident though, a few months ago I had my LF gear setup for a shot of an ancient lava flow next to the ocean and I remember this local boy just walking in front of me and sitting down right in the middle of my composition. I didn't say anything; sometimes it is better not to say anything.

Even paradise has its blemishes.