Here on APUG, The Analog Photography Users Group, we appreciate and purchase high quality items and we let our fellow photographers know about it. Agfa films are highly praised, especially APX 25 and their sheet films. And since APX 25 and all sheet films have been discontinued, we now seriously miss them. All you need to do is check the film section on ebay for proof. Medium format APX 25 is selling for more than double (and sometimes triple) the original retail cost.

So, as a community, we are asking you, Agfa Photo, to reconsider making APX 25 in all sizes and to bring back sheet film.

The names below are just some of the photo community who would applaud your move to bring back this film and I am sure most, if not all who signed here, will purchase it as well.

david bram
santa fe new mexico

ps...for those of you who sign this...please tell as many other folks as well.