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Now, to the gallery.

Invariably, some critic, most often unsolicited, with the zeal of a crusader, will say something like, &quot;You know, you have to (note the imperative) dodge here, and burn the upper right corner for ten seconds to make this &quot;worth anything&quot;.

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Hi Ed,
You need to find a different set of galleries to hang out in. Just kidding&#33; I agree with what you have said. The thing you must do is made the print the best you can do and SO PERFECT that there can be no critique. That may not be possible, I don&#39;t know. I just thought of that. I have always thought that really the only things I can control is how I live my life (and that has a set of hobbles on it too) and what sees the light of day from my darkroom. I explained that to a couple of guys in LA one time and it was like a light going on. They were showing everything in an informal critique that asked that I do. They thought they weren&#39;t any good because there were some clunkers in the portfolios. I explained that EVERYONE has those but some of us CHOOSE not to include those in the portfolio. I was pretty stunned when they reacted like that.