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Why is it that photographers insist on talking about equipment rather than the images Wonder if painters discuss which brush they used, etc. Always amazed me that we get so caught up with nuts and bolts.

I suppose the bottom line; it makes me happy.
That's a guy thing!!!

BTW this might be going off the topic a little, but, some people take Holga's and Pinhole photography to near cult status. An example is a couple named Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart. I went to a workshop of theirs recently where they showed some unusual examples of camera they had constructed themselves. They took a road trip across Australia, in a van they had converted into a giant pinhole camera. After backing the thing up to the subject, they'd then pull the blinds, expose the film and drive off. There was something just a little odd about it (to me) .... but ...... they were certainly very passionate about their work (let's just put it that way).

Some excellent images on their website ([color=#800080]http://www.home.aone.net.au/greatdivide/[/color]) some using 4x5 Velvia RVP50 !