In the small town where I live, I've been asked to do a display on old cameras / techniques for our heritage fest, coming up the end of October. So I chose to display some panoramics I've shot with old swing-lens cameras, mostly of local scenes that people would be seeing in new ways. And 3D stereo shots, also local stuff. The local General Store has an old stereoscope viewer I can use, and I've already started to shoot / create stereo views for it. No problem so far, all's good.


I also have a modern stereo viewer for medium-format slides. And I have the mounts. And I've got b/w negatives.

Yes, I know slides would be better, but then I'd have to go into town and drop stuff off and all, make another trip in a week or two to pick them up, etc. It's time and money (gasoline), and while I'm not about to starve in the near future I also would rather not have a fortune tied up in a volunteer effort.

So, could I contact print a b/w negative to a b/w piece of film, and end up with something much like a b/w slide?