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As far as his inkjet prints go, I have a Paula Chamlee poster that's just as nice and it only cost $35. I think clicking a mouse should bring down the price. $900 bucks for an inkjet is out of my range. For 450 you could have gotten a Pt/Pd print from Tillman Crane and his book in a special slipcase edition.
Years ago I attended a home gallery show and 'talk' by John Paul Caponigro at his house in Cushing, Maine. I bought a color inkjet 'poster' hot off the printer for $15 which he was gracious enough to sign in either ink or pencil. I think the only distinction between what I was able to purchase and the framed work that he was showing and was also for sale was size and the quality of the paper he used. It was the first time I realized that inkjets really are posters and should cost about as much and not much more than a typical one of them.

The quality of Butcher's 'giclees' should not be underestimated. The enormous negatives from which the really high quality scans are made transcend anything a digicam could do for sure. It's just that I think they could be yet so much more if they had the depth to the print that could have been obtained traditionally on fiber paper. As I said above, it was very disappointing .

And now to the matter of finding out who else at a show is a 'pugger. I heard the identical story that photobum just related while I was leaning against a rail at the show. Which leads me to wonder if I was there when he was and we had no way of identifying each other. Obviously, there are certain occasions when wearing a big honkin APUG tee shirt isn't the way to dress. Anyone want to make and sell a badge, lapel pin, armband (kidding) or whatever that would address this?