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Thanks but I must politely decline the offer.

I'd be glad to take part but similarly lack the time to organize etc.
As with most, I am over my head in work from now till March of next year... but I was just thinking as I came up from Monterey today. I have a couple extra Cannon Sureshots I bought for kite photos (KAP)... yes they are auto focus, auto exposure, but... they do take nice photos...

I was thinking (I repeat myself), what about a B&W ASA100 camera we all shoot? Say APX100 in a Cannon Sureshot, 37-85 zoom? I'll develop in Rodinal 1:50 when (if) it gets back, scan the negatives for APUG distribution, then send all participants their little itty bitty frames to let you print yourself.

Any interest?

tim in san jose