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I do not use 4 X 5, but I find it interesting that you have use three contrast filters on a 4 X 5 contact to produce a finished print with burning!! And all I really see here is a different tone on the final print.
I hope that there are some here who can help you.

why is it interesting? I chose 3 grades
Is it wrong to use that many? Some of the reason I used a grade 4 at all -which was only used on the middle area- for 1/5 longer than the goldenrod was to compensate for what's probably my not stopping down far enough
I used a 2 on the left hand tree which received 4/5 the exposure the goldenrod did cause I liked it softer and smidge brighter
3 1/2 for the goldenrod
I burned in the bottom corners for 4 seconds to get detail in the goldenrod which the 3 1/2 blew out but remained with the 2
I also slightly burned in the trunks of the dead trees in middle right at the same time to raise them above the vegetation they're in

I dunno
There is -much- bigger difference than what can be seen on these digital photos, I guess
Night and day, really.
the toning is more like that of the "final" print
I changed batteries for the first two straights and white balance was reset to a colder bluish tone

Frankly, I don't need help from people after only my first go at it
There is still some tweaks I -have- to do
like use glass for starters
maybe a couple things I can try to separate the two tree subjects which blend into the background a bit

Overall I'm very pleased.

I posted here just to show that I on my first attempt did quite a few things the OP was wondering about
The photos were meant as "proof" that I actually did what I said and not just claiming crap

You tell me I need help and that's OK
walking away after doing so really isn't
not in my book

Why can't you try helping me, John?