Hi everyone,

I think it is time to start round 12 and I decided to jump in until Randy will be back again.

Thanks to everyone who participated in round 11 and even more thanks to those who sent their cards in time

So here is the schedule for this round:

October: sign up
November: print and mail
December: breather

Please keep in mind that you will have to send me a PM with your mailing address to sign up. And if possible include your email address too (because this makes life of distributing the address lists alot easier).

We continue to allow people to sign up for fewer cards than the maximum. Please include the maximum number of cards you want to send in the PM. Or simply say maximum if you want to send (and receive) as many cards as possible.

I will post the list of people who signed up for this round from time to time. Please come back to this thread and check if I got your sign up PM. That helps to avoid situations where people realize that they are not on the list after the address data has been sent out to the participants.

That's all, let the fun begin again.

Oh, and if one of the moderators will be so nice to provide this thread with the sticky bit?

Thanks in advance to everyone who is going to sign up for this round, I am looking forward to all those nice cards again.

-- Rüdiger