It was just that you said I needed help and then walked away leaving the work for someone else to do ..or not do
Or so it seemed

I was asking why you couldn't help me if you knew enough already to be able to say there was a problem

Passing of the buck

I said I wasn't looking for help cause I'm not. I never got good at anything by asking for help the moment after I took something up and found out I wasn't perfect the first time out

The process was simple. It was really only a few seconds with each grade over the standard exposure
Just enough to produce a subtle difference
I thought the 2 grade was flat and 3 1/2 too contrasty
So I split em up where I thought a little more or little less looked good
-after having done test strips of the areas-
a grade 2 1/2 or 3 as straight print did not give me what I was looking for in certain areas

OP= original poster