hey spiral
why have you gone on the attack?

why so personal?

can't you expressive yourself calmly?

art, i don't consider this work to be art, but regardless of that, it is bad photography, poorly done with little regard for technique

why is poor work constantly excused because it is labelled art? why can't good art also be good, strong imaging? why is a good idea badly done considered more arty than a good idea well done? what is wrong with making use of photography's inherent strenghts?

i am a photographer and an artist, i don't profess to be an expert, i have shown my work, whether it appeals to anyone else is not my concern, where is your work? do you have the strength of character to post for all to see?

your right, i don't know from where you 'stold' that line, i don't even know the word 'stold'