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I have been doing contact printing of 4x5 negatives for a whopping month or so... so take it with a grain of salt...

Same here. As is my printing experience in general. So I'm working to bring lots of unknowns (to me) under control.

I dodge and burn a little on 4x5. I usually contact print a test print, varying the exposure across it by using a darkslide to protect parts of the paper, and then pulling it across the paper in 4 equal increments, ie, if I think an exposure of 60 seconds would be about right, I'll expose 60-45-30-15 seconds. I mark all the exp. and dev. info on the back of the test print as well, so that when I file it away with the neg I've got some reference to get me back into the ballpark months or years later.

Then I'll look at the test print, and find that I like the sky and clouds at 60 and the earth at 30, and base my dodging or burning on the test print results.

Just how I do it. I suspect there's some better methods out there, but I'm at the start of the learning curve.

And I too would like to move to 5x7 so that I could produce larger prints w/o needing an enlarger.