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Just a little bit of factoids:
  • US Postal Service - 11 people in about 8 weeks - Jun 16 to Aug 8
  • Canada Post - 4 people in about 8 weeks (and it hasn't left Canada yet!) - Aug 22 to Oct 2.
Hmmm .... John Bartley, you weren't kidding! :o

None the less, the first camera is somewhere in the former Yugoslavia and I still think we can 'beat' it home!

OK, now will someone sacrifice a chicken or something so Matt can get some sunshine?

Regards, Art.
Hi Art and others.

The sun peaked out briefly yesterday, so it has been shot. Did a backup shot as well on another camera of the same scene, for identification purposes.

I packaged it up this morning and my wife has volunteered to go to the post office today. I am just sending it Air Mail to Tim in California - the lowest cost service with tracking would be about $23.00. And that is the real, robust Canadian dollars, not those wimpy US dollars .

One point about the delay though - the 4 Canadian stops are separated by three time zones and almost 3000 miles in total (compare that to the distances between the first 6 stops) - and at least some of the delay was my fault due to the fact that I was away for 12+ days at just the wrong time (although for the life of me I cannot figure what time on the 27th they tried to first deliver it - did they wait intentionally for the brief period during lunch when my office closes so they wouldn't have to come in and say hi?).