John - Interesting point. I was recently shooting at a protest rally, and there was a big mix of shooters there. You had pros from the newspapers alongside people who think The Zone System is the name of a new video game. And I did notice a lot of gawking at screens from the digi crowd. My rule for any type of event shooting or street shooting is "ignore the camera". I tend to put my camera in aperture priority mode and shoot off that. I will sometimes change my aperture for a certain effect, but otherwise I just ignore the camera and try to look for some good photos.

Interestingly, the pro digital shooters (the newspaper guys) never seemed to look at their screens until they had shot off a whole bunch of images and were able to take a break. Even then I don't know if they deleted anything. If they did they were fast about it. The modus operandi still seemed to be firmly entrenched in the film world. Of course they also most likely had 10-20GB Microdrives so they could do this.