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These APUGer organized events are real simple. How good are you at herding cats with rabid dogs barking in the background? Real simple. All kidding aside - but just barely.

How to organize a "Shoot One Camera Trip" for dummies ... (Sorry Tim, couldn't resist)

Since you volunteered to organize, you also volunteered to be the last person to get the camera at the end of the trip (kind of ensures you stick around, unlike previous organizers). This means you'll have to process the film, post the images in the APUG gallery, and make any arrangements with anyone that wants reprints or their negative frame.

Hmmm ... now that I think about it, this is one way to organize a trip. Another way is to do this is "on the fly" that I just thought of, but I personally wouldn't recommend anyone try that, 'less they're masochists.

Regards, Art.


You saw the changes I plan to your instructions. A SureShot costs about 10 bucks these days on EBay and I have an extra one I have tested and know works, no one has done a B&W We all shoot the same camera", I am very proficient at developing B&W film, I think sending everyone their negative at the end is a nice touch.

See any holes in my plan? The rest of yours I am going to print out and use as the Bible for dummys like me.

tim in san jose

P.S. I have 4 cats, two dogs, two parrots, and a couple dozen fish. We can handle the menagerie.