They have color film now?

My list is a bit different -

4x5 - Velvia. Mostly because it seems right to use it with a 4x5. Although I think the next film I will get will be different. I need to branch out a bit in my LF films.

120 - Mostly Portra 400 and 160. NC for portraits, VC for some portraits and "general" shooting. I have been trying UC and don't really see much difference with it. Then again I only get the negs developed and scan them at home to save money. I am finding that my scanner (Epson 1660 w/the 4x5 adapter) and VueScan do NOT like the blacks that any of the Portra films give. They tend to be very weak and they break up a fair bit. Some Photoshop work will fix it, but this seems to be a scanner issue as opposed to a film issue. So maybe UC is vivid. I don't know.

I also shoot E100VS when I want chromes. I just love the stuff. Great film and it scans well for me. I also use it as a X-process film. It works well for that.

35mm - E100VS and Portra. Again for the same reasons. When shooting outdoors I tend to go with the Portra 160 since it is very bright here most of the time and some of my 35mm cameras only go up to 1/1000. I like to be able to have a full set of apertures to work from and I hate using ND filters if I can avoid it.