I have tried various tanks- I like trays. I don't know how people scratch their film, with their fingernails?the bottom of the tray?
If you have good touch, you can develop multiple sheets of film, or singles for those really important shots- vary development, agitation, mix sizes, different film stock- all without having to fool around with any gizmos. I would suspect that even great photogs we admire (most of whom used trays) that do use a JOBO have the skill to develop a sheet or two in a tray occasionally, for testing, special neg, stand dev, etc.
Just my $0.02...
OTOH, people like the JOBOs for the consistency, but it's not very hands-on that way. To me fooling around with putting each sheet of film in it's own little length of PVC, taking it out wet, putting screen behind it, just to stand there for the whole time anyway is nuts, (here come the flames) but people love the BTZS tubes, so they must like the results. The only thing that I think everyone will agree on is stay away from the cheap "Yankee" tanks. (If you MUST try one, the key is to agitate like a washing machine, otherwise kiss your skies goodbye).

Good luck, whichever way you go-