Indeed they are. I was particularly impressed by the British photography when I stopped in there the other day. I didn't spend much time looking at the modern stuff, since I had other placed to be. That's next, along with the Rembrant's and other Dutch paintings, on the agenda. I'm crazy about the way those old masters used light. I've been a MET member for a long time, so I go often but never spend more than an hour or two each time. It's easy to be overwhelmed in that place.

Renato, did you check out the sliding box camera and contact printing frame. I overheard some people remarking how things are not done that way any more. If they only had a clue.

The New Greek and Roman Galleries are good places to photograph musem goers. All are lit by huge skylights, and are bright enough to allow handheld photography with relatively slow film in many places. Still, I would recommend something around ISO 400 with reasonably fast lenses (f/2.8 or better) for best results.