Bumping this a bit... on Friday night I met Rinko Kawauchi at Photoalliance in San Francisco. She was the featured artist and I get the impression that she does NOT like to be out in the public -- that outside her family she is highly introverted. I've found quite a few of her books (all but one, I think) here and in Japan & she was nice enough to sign them all (at the happy urging of her publisher -- her books are not normally for sale in the US, so when some blond guy comes up with a stack, I think the cash registers in his head started jingling ) *

Actually once I got a hold of it "Cui Cui" is now one of my all-time favorite photo books. And "Utatane" is not far behind. "The eyes, the ears" (cover image below) is also quite a beautiful effort.

Issues of "Cafe Photo" since this thread was new have been less interesting, Foujita seems much more aimed at fetishizing over old cameras and his portfolios have gotten increasingly slick and pre-planned. Power to him for getting it done, though....


* If you know Kawauchi's work, imagine THIS: as I stepped out of the room after meeting her, what do I see but an unexpected towering blossom of fireworks rising behind Telegraph Hill.... !!!!